About us


Art Gallery Kauno Langas, one of the oldest private galleries in independent Lithuania, started in Vilnius in 1991 and has been operating in Kaunas since 1992. It focuses on artworks of the classical genre: painting, graphics, sculpture. A separate field of art curated by the gallery is art jewelry. Previously, with three exhibition halls, the gallery held 25 exhibitions a year. Located in the Old Town on M.Valanciaus Street No.5 since 2000, in one of the most beautiful and highly visited tourist places in Kaunas, the gallery has gathered a circle of artists with whom it has been cooperating since the very first days.

Kauno Langas presents artwork in Lithuania and abroad, in virtual exhibitions and at the annual international art fair ArtVilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania. For 25 years the gallery Kauno Langas has been an active member of the Lithuanian Art Gallerists' Association. Kauno Langas provides art expertise services and has long-standing experience in enhancing the interiors of residential premises with a team of experienced architects, filling them with valuable and heart-pleasing works of art.

1995 International Art Market ArtMultiple 1995, Diuseldorf, Germany.
1997 Art Manege 1997, Moscow, Russian Federation.
2009-2014 Contemporary Art Fair ArtVilnius, Lithuania.
2016-2023 Contemporary Art Fair ArtVilnius, Lithuania.
2023 Positions Berlin Art Fair, Berlin, Germany.