Audronė Petrašiūnaitė, Pastels and Graphics. 02 22- 04 22 2021


I got to know Audrone Petrašiūnaitė back in my studies, we all admired the transparency of her painting, the flowing bonar strokes, her unique creative style. This manner of painting, flowing from the artist's inner world, received a lot of criticism from teachers. Ignoring important social themes, hedonistic fixation of a colorful flashing world, focusing on the reflection of flowing light, analysis of intimate, spiritual inner experiences of a person, silent near-meaningful thinking are qualities that were not much desired by the teacher Vladas Karatajus.
It may seem strange to many today, listening to such memories of the author, that even the recent past has quickly sunk into oblivion. Audronė did not give up. Apparently the disease had hardened his legs from the age of three. Many were ill, spent all their days at home during the school year alone, doing math assignments, but managed to overtake their classmates and finish school with good grades. He did not give up even when he decided to study painting and encountered extremely high resistance from relatives, because in the small town of Kybartai such hobbies were difficult to understand. After arriving in Vilnius, she barely got into studies because she was questioned not about her abilities, but about her physical fitness.
1991 After founding the Langas Gallery in Vilnius, we admired Audronė`s works in the first exhibitions. They exuded novelty, modernity, light, freedom, and, as it seemed to us, were guided by the standards of a dark Lithuanian colorist school. 1992 we exhibited an exhibition of Audronė`s paintings in the gallery located on Ašmenos Street, sold them to friends, art lovers and foreigners flowing into the country. We considered her the author of our gallery.
After moving to Kaunas and founding a branch of Langas Gallery, in the Hall of the Architects' House in 1993. We organized the first large exhibition of Audrone`s works, in which her textile works were exhibited next to the painting. The paintings of Petrašiūnaitė of that period belong to the Gold Fund of Lithuanian Painting, today they are proud of the most famous Lithuanian collections. After returning to live and work in Kaunas, Petrašiūnaitė discovers her creative space in the modest Višakio Rūda hut, where her new canvases seem to be silently talking to her mother's embroideries hanging here. Mother's hobby in Audronė`s work is transformed into modern tapestries embroidered on a red and black background, which from now on become expressive companions of her paintings and graphics. 1997 at the exhibition of Petrašiūnaitė's paintings and textiles held at the Kauno Langas Gallery, Alfonsas Vilpišauskas criticized these, as he said, sub-fabrics of Audronė and suggested that they be eliminated from the exposition. But Audronė is like that - she has always experimented boldly. After talking to her recently, I learned that only now does she feel liberated from outside criticism. "In the end, it doesn't matter to me who says what, who thinks of me, what I want, what I do," said the winner of the Government Culture and Art Prize.
2009 When the ArtVilnius contemporary art fair started, we first wanted to present the works of Petrašiūnaitė, but, according to Raminta Jurėnaitė, this exposition was not successful. Audronė`s canvases, together with the works of Henrikas Čerapas, certainly did not fit. However, in 2012, when the Kauno Langas Art Gallery was presented, the painter  Petrašiūnaitė was chosen the best artist of the year. Once again, together with Audronė`s works, we participated in the art fair in 2014, exhibiting the cycle of paintings “Endangered”, which examines the problems of climate change. We have been together for almost thirty years, accompanied her painting to the Baroti Gallery in Klaipeda (2013), exhibited works in Vilnius Academy Gallery (2013 “Memory Paintings”), and presented a graphic at the Artists' Union Gallery (2014).
In this virtual exhibition we offer to remember A. Petrasiunaite's pastels from the early period of her work, stored in the gallery, and the graphics that today reveal new layers of the artist's creative abilities: excellent drawing control, the ability to convey not only external action but also internal thought dynamics. Immerse yourself in its unique poetic world, seeking to return closer to nature, which smooths out all that is unnecessary and reveals the wisdom of a simple household.
Organized exhibitions:
1992 - Langas Gallery, Vilnius
1993 - Kauno Langas Art Gallery
1995 - Kauno Langas Art Gallery
1997 - Kauno Langas Art Gallery
1999 - Kauno Langas Art Gallery
2009 - Contemporary art fair ArtVilnius`09
2012 - Contemporary art fair ArtVilnius`12
2014 - Contemporary Art Fair ArtVilnius`14
Naujoji Romuva 2012 No. 3, "Among cats, gags and flowering amarylles", Algė Gylienė talks to Audronė Petrašiūnaitė.
Art critic Algė Gylienė