Rūta Baužytė -Jarosz, Painting, 02 22- 04 22 2021


About the series My Brushstrokes:
In this series, the simple, spontaneous strokes of mine aimed to create a lazy mood on a warm summer evening as you gaze at the cloudy sky without worrying about tomorrow; that mood we miss so much during the Covid-19 pandemic ... While there is no such peace at the moment, we can “bring it” home, along with the pictures in this series. 
About the Just Brushstrokes series:
Simple things like the aesthetic beauty of color, line, and paint texture led me to start painting this series. Sometimes it took me a few years to paint the paintings in this series. I applied layer upon layer until I found that color and that stroke. My goal was that when viewed from a distance, the colors and strokes flickered in the viewer’s eyes, and when approached closer, one could see the traces left by the brush bristles; to make those traces so clear that you would want to touch them with your hand and feel the movements of the brush.
About the Signs and Symbols series:
Sometimes I became signs and symbols that I see just in everyday life, e.g. in shopping centers; or road signs. Because they remind me of ancient drawings on rocks. For some, the rock drawings were not just simple decorations, but perhaps a way to communicate with other people. It seems to me that road signs or symbols in supermarkets are also like a way of communication (turn left, find a cafe; turn right, find stairs, etc.). To me, it’s like an international language of images, understood in a global context. And I would very much like my paintings to be understood in a global context as well.
About the picture Wedding dress:
I started painting the picture about 20 years ago. This spring, during quarantine, I saw him as if again. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I tried to stay home as much as possible, I pulled out the paint and finished: I highlighted the whiteness of the dress.