Abstract paintings


Abstraction - what is it?

Abstract art, a stream of modern art that does not accurately depict real objects, but seeks to create a certain effect by using shapes, colors, and meaningful strokes. Abstract paintings detach themselves from the real forms and image we perceive, leaving a more emotional sense of what the creator wanted to convey. The art direction of abstractionism began in the late 19th century and became most prevalent in the early 20th century. It was a time when admiration for realism began to wane and avant-garde people discovered recognition and there was growing interest in their work. The most prominent artists in abstract art are Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, Jackson Pollock, and Mark Rothko and others. One of the most famous Lithuanian authors who created abstractions is M. K. Ciurlionis.

Abstract paintings - why choose them?

The current of modern art, to which abstractions belong, leaves much room for interpretation in the first place. In one way, an abstract picture will look if you are in a high mood, otherwise - if you are anxious. This current of art stemmed from the search for a new approach to form, where line, stroke thickness, brightness, and direction say more than classical painting with a particular object would do. Contemporary abstraction - paintings that reflect the painter's experiences, principles, worldview. There are many ideas behind abstract forms. There were even those who said it was art for art's sake - just for admiration. Lovers of abstract art are also aware of the idea of ​​the Greek philosopher Plato that the highest form of beauty lies in geometry, so a large number of abstract works use various forms as a means of artistic expression.

How to choose an abstract picture for home interior?

Choosing a picture of abstract art and adapting it to your home can be easier than finding a specific landscape. What matters here is your own taste, the color of the interior of the home and what effect you are seeking. When choosing a picture for the house, it is important to look at it at least a few times, to assess what feelings it evokes - calms, inspires, makes you feel energetic, or maybe makes you hurry? It will depend on whether the image matches the selected space. Quiet lines, relaxing, or bright, full of energy and sexuality are often chosen for the bedroom area. Bright colors are often sought for a dining area to whet your appetite, or just a restrained tone if it has been used in the interior. Your cultivated taste is the best guide when choosing an abstract picture. Well, if you’re choosing a picture for the first time, consult our art curators. And if you create a home interior from scratch and want it to reflect you - order our home interior service and together we will find a way to fill your home with exceptional charm with interior solutions and paintings.

You can also buy an abstract painting online - we will send it wherever it is convenient for you, regardless of whether you live in Lithuania or abroad. The price for delivery depends on the country to which we send. Also, the pictures can be seen live in our gallery in Kaunas.