New Paintings


Kauno Langas Art Gallery has a mission to help you discover and acquire the best works of artists that would complement the interior of your home and allow you to enjoy the harmony created by art. Whether you want to discover a new artist or are interested in already recognized artists - you will find many works of different styles and genres with us. New pictures are uploaded every 30 days, so come back again if you don't find a picture that catches your eye this time.

Classics, abstractions, modernism, impressionism and other styles - you can buy the latest works of artists from us. The latest works often respond to the prevailing trends in fashion, architecture and interior, so you can easily integrate them into the chosen space. The new paintings are carefully selected by our art curator, so you will be sure to see only quality work here.

How to choose a picture for home or office?
First, consider the size of the room where the picture is to be hung. In large spaces, a small picture can cause a sense of chaos, incompleteness, and in small ones it can fit perfectly. Then evaluate the style of the environment, the predominant colors and the desired effect: maybe you want to add eclecticism to the classic space, or maybe you want to complement the minimalist space with a perfectly matching element. Also, appreciate other bright objects already in the environment, works of art, their era and style. Not sure if your choice is good? Contact us by phone + 370 37 205538 or  e-mail and we will help you choose a picture that will fit perfectly and meet your aesthetic needs.

Want to see the works live? Come to our gallery in Kaunas, address M.Valančiaus st. No.5. And if you do not have the opportunity to come, you can buy the works online. You can pick up the ordered works in the gallery, choose delivery by mail and order a shipment abroad. Shipping costs depend on the size and location of the image.