Gone are the days when sculptures were only admired in museums or in the homes of wealthy art collectors. Now everyone can decorate their home with three-dimensional beauty at an affordable price for everyone.

Wide selection of artistic sculptures in Lithuania

The oldest sculptures in Lithuania date back to Neolithic times. At that time they were made of wood, amber, stone, animal bones. Bone and wood products are often found in the excavations of settlements, they may have had symbolic, sacred meanings. The further development of sculpture was undoubtedly influenced by European art, the artists who arrived and the architecture and fashion that prevailed at the time.

Today's sculptors are also not afraid of wood, stone, plaster, copper, bronze, terracotta, glass and other materials are also used in his works. The types of material used can be combined with each other to obtain an exclusive author's technique. Today's sculptures are very unique, revealing the author's personal style and worldview. Among the many different works that can be seen and purchased in Kaunas, everyone will find the right one for themselves.

Sculptures for the interior and exterior of your home

Only original sculptures are exhibited in our gallery and E. Gallery. This means that they are designed and can be produced in no more than 10 units, often in the form of individual works (our art curators will advise you more about this). The themes of the sculptures are very broad: conceptual sculpture, abstractions, torsos, figures, animalistic sculptures. They are cast in bronze, brass, aluminum. Bronze is sometimes given a greenish or bluish tint. There are single sculptures made of granite and wood. We have wrought iron and copyrighted sculptures.

When choosing a sculpture for the home - evaluate where it will stand, what lighting will surround it at different times of the day. The size and weight of the sculpture itself will determine whether you need to find a permanent place for it, or maybe it will change its position in your home according to need and mood. Our art curators are always available to advise, so please contact us.

How to buy a sculpture online?

On our website, sculptures are usually ordered online - if they come with a price, you can buy them immediately. If the sculpture is to be contacted by phone, please call. The sculptures for sale are packaged responsibly, so they will reach your home safely in Lithuania or abroad.