In our gallery you can not only see the exclusive works of Lithuanian authors, but also order an art researcher or interior design consulting service. The main task of an art researcher is to help you collect and expand your collection of exclusive works of art. You can order this service online or by visiting our gallery in Kaunas, M. Valanciaus str. 5. If you are looking for an exclusive work of art, you want to add to the collection of works of art - contact us.

During the interior design consultation, we will help to adapt the works of art or collections in your interior. We can consult and combine works with the already existing interior or help to create a new home or office style according to the chosen work of art. We can provide this service throughout Lithuania. During the first meeting, we usually evaluate the room, the interior solutions, furniture and color in it, and offer suitable works of art. These can be paintings, graphic works, sculptures. Together with the customer, we discuss the impact, whether it is a room for relaxation, hobbies, or maybe work. Selected works of art can be purchased on our website and viewed live in the gallery.

If you are interested - contact us today by phone + 370 37 205538 or e-mail